Ed Verderose Joins Miura Boiler As National Accounts Manager

Ed Verderose Joins Miura Boiler As National Accounts Manager
<span>Respected industry veteran accepts new position with world&rsquo;s largest steam boiler manufacturer and focuses on supporting national accounts in growing US market.</span>

Miura Boilers (www.miuraboiler.com), the world leader in steam boilers and the fastest growing steam boiler manufacturer in the U.S.A., is pleased to welcome Ed Verderose to the team. Mr. Verderose, who began his career in1987 as a field engineer for a firetube boiler manufacturer and more recently has held positions as VP, Engineered Sales and Director of Operations for major industrial contracting and HVAC companies, will become Miura’s National Accounts Manager, a position that is focused on working with businesses and facilities who have multiple locations in the US market.

“I will be working to the benefit of our ‘Corporate Partners’, who have facilities located throughout our country. My objective is to unite the efforts and enhance the communications of Miura’s regional and local representatives supporting these accounts.” stated Mr. Verderose. “For example, by coordinating policies that support best practices, a facility in Florida can take advantage of the experience of a sister facility in Indiana. After successful implementation and vetting, other facilities may follow suit, substantially reducing the learning curve, minimizing exposure and increasing efficiency across the entire system.”

Highly-efficient operation has always been a hallmark of Miura boilers and Mr. Verderose intends to incorporate those same high standards into creating a consistent program that provides national accounts with every day and longer term solutions for all their steam plant requirements.

In his 30-plus years in the industry, Mr. Verderose has accumulated a remarkable amount of knowledge and experience in steam boiler plant design engineering, construction and equipment manufacturing, ASME fabrication, maintenance and repairs “right down to the wires & welds,” as well as team management skills.

But when you ask him why he accepted the position, it becomes apparent that he shares the same level of passion that has always impressed him when working with the people at Miura.

“Miura boilers are first-class steam boilers in every way, but it’s the people who work there that give the equipment a life, a heart and even a soul,” suggests Mr. Verderose. “Working in this industry, I’ve come across hundreds of boiler and equipment manufacturers, it’s rare to see people who are so invested in the development of their products and the success of their customers.”

During his career, Mr. Verderose has continually been asked, “What is the best boiler in the industry?” For him, the answer is simple: “

“A boiler that is properly applied, properly installed, and can be easily maintained,” states Verderose. “Of course, with so many boilers on the market to choose from, it’s critical that your choices include the safest, most efficient and reliable.  Then, you look for the extras which often allow one brand to stand out from the others. For example, Miura’s pressure vessel guarantee is unique in that no other boiler manufacturer has the confidence to offer one. With all their other advantages, like the redundancy and high turndowns offered by its modular design, and Miura Online Maintenance, Miura is the standout choice.”

Now celebrating their 60th anniversary in the steam boiler industry, Miura’s on-demand steam solutions feature a range of impressive benefits that are attracting a growing number of customers in a number of industries. Among these are: Cold start to full steam in under 5 minutes; overall improved efficiency (fuel savings averaging 20% compared to traditional brands, based on customer feedback); enhanced reliability through their modular design; advanced controls and remote monitoring; and a best-in-industry safety record.

With more than 140,000 units in operation world-wide, Miura has never had a pressure vessel explosion resulting in casualty. The company’s “safer-by-design” engineering, combined with their unique boiler geometry, means that catastrophic vessel failure is practically impossible and day-to-day safety issues related to installation and operation are minimized.

Miura boilers also have numerous safeguards beyond primary vessel safety to ensure not only safe operations, but also highly efficient and reliable operation.

Plus, Miura’s unique design provides a number of key advantages including reducing the amount of costly square footage required, and making installation and standard maintenance that much simpler.

“Joining Miura as the US National Accounts Manager will give me an opportunity to help the company strengthen the outstanding relationships it respects with its largest customers,” adds Verderose. “That’s something I’m really looking forward to.”

Miura steam boilers are available in two series, LX and EX.

The LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High Pressure Steam Boiler (available in boiler models ranging from 50 -300HP) use natural gas or propane and are available in a range of steam pressure options (300 MAWP, 170 MAWP or 15 MAWP). Their compact size allows most models to fit through an industrial 7-foot doorway, while their naturally low NOx (nitrogen oxides) ratings are as low as 9ppm depending on model. This meets or exceeds current and proposed regulations for nitrogen oxide emissions levels.

The EX Gas/Oil Series High Pressure Steam Boilers (available in boiler models starting from 100HP, and in 50HP increments up to 300HP) are the most versatile industrial steam boilers in the world. The EX design minimizes carryover and produces 99+% dry saturated steam in less than 5 minutes from a cold start. Faster start-up means less fuel used, greater savings, and more responsible use of precious natural resources.

The LX-Series design consists of vertical water tubes in a rectangular array, while the EX-Series utilizes vertical tubes in a circular array. Both headers of each series are encased in a castable refractory with only the tubes exposed to flame and/or combustion gases. The upper header is attached to the lower header only by the tubes. As the tubes expand and contract, the headers float up and down accordingly.

This ’floating header’ concept greatly alleviates thermal stress. The ’leaky tube’ problems associated with firetube and bent watertube designs have been eliminated.

About Miura.

Miura was founded in 1959 and has grown to become one of the largest industrial steam boiler manufacturers in the world. In 2009, Miura opened a new U.S. manufacturing facility in Rockmart, Georgia. For more information on Miura boilers, call in the USA 1-888-309-5574. In Canada call 1-800-666-2182. Visit Miura online at: www.miuraboiler.com.